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Anuq Wilson - South Africa

Anuq Wilson, dancer, 3rd yr. law student, I photographed in South Africa: I never used to like taking photos i know. Until i saw WHAT YOU TOOK OF ME! I couldn't get enough. I realized I'm not that bad at all. NOW, I absolutely LOVE the camera and wherever I see a flash going I run TOWARD it! Hahaha. Ppl know already. Lol. But those photos you took were AMAZING. I still can't help but look at what u brought out of me. I will never 4get that day you took those photos of me and Dalton. I had so much fun =D. When I made them my profile pics on facebook u should have seen the comments! nothing but good ones. You have an AMAZING gift. Kumari is blessed to have u. Id take pictures ALL DAY if I were with you. Lol...and I will when we meet up again. I know we you!


Kate, we love our photos! My husband says it looks like art! Thank you so much for the wonderful time we spent and these beautiful portraits. I love them. Ayanna 03.2011

Janis Howard

Janis Howard, Interior Designer & Author: I'm in love I'm in love I'm in love. So many great shots. We've gone thru them twice. Now, making notations of the 'keepers' & the ones that I positively LOVE. You've absolutely stepped up to the vision that I had in terms of what I want in my book.This is very exciting for me. Just what I was so hoping for: so many choices that it is difficult to decide.

Kate, Kate, My dear woman.Thank you so much for the photos. I am sitting in the kitchen bawling and can't control the tears. These photos touched me so much. Yes, they are of our daughter, but you made them come to life. It is like the person who told me at the University of Oregon when I sang... She said, "Professor Neufeld, You sang what my heart feels!" You captured what my heart knows, Kate.Thank you again.Julia Neufeld


Britnee, Maternity Portraits... You are AMAZING... I couldn't stop raving this morning about how incredible you are. I simply cannot WAIT to see the images!! I left there so excited about what gorgeous pictures we were able to capture. I am SO glad we did it... I just wanted to thank you for working with us, and being so genuinely kind with the whole process. You are a gift. Truly, Kate you are an Artist! Thank you Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience!!! After seeing her photo gallery: "Hey Kate!!!! I have been IN AWE AT THESE PHOTOS!!!!!!!!! They are literally AMAZING, thats all I know how to say... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! INCREDIBLE..... "

Lori Taylor - www.cornerofficedesign.netHello to All, Just wanted to throw out my kudos for the business headshot deal that Kate at Aevum Images has posted. I took advantage of this incredible deal as I was one of those that had the "oh look, this picture taken 5 years ago at a wedding will do if I crop it just right" on my website and LinkedIn profile. Well no, it won't do and I knew it but hadn't bothered to do anything about it. I am now the proud owner of a photo I know looks professional and takes things up a notch for me. Here's the best part about Kate: she doesn't just take a picture and call it a day. She took the time to bring out the best of me and try to capture my personality and convey what I can bring to my clients. Believe me, it wasn't easy. I had a really hard time trying to smile and pose not looking a little lifeless. After looking at the first batch of pictures taken, she sat me on a stool, walked me through some poses and talked me through how to show some "life" in my expressions and in the end, captured some great photos. It is a credit to her talent that I have some great photos that convey who I am and look professional. Thank you Kate! Lorie TaylorPrincipal/Designer CORNER OFFICE DESIGN

Laura Waller

Laura Waller -,You are a true artist. I cannot believe this shot you captured of me.I woke up this morning to wonderful comments from my friends on facebook. What a way to start the day!Thank you so much. Laura

The pleasure was all mine Kate.You are a class act, very charming and have led a fascinating life full of adventure, good deeds for humanity and travel. Not to mention the fact that now, through your talented eye, you are helping people see themselves through a whole new light and perspective with just the right touch of magic from your talents.I think next time you should be telling the stories. JBryan

Lori Gruber Reed

Kate, I don't know how you do it?! You take someone who hates being on that side of the camera and somehow make it appear as if I love it. I think you need to add magician to your photographer title! Thanks for always making me look good. Lori Gruber Reed (Photo done at Deja Vu Clothing Consignment Store in Camas WA for a fun ladies night)

Katlin Smith

Katlin Smith, APR, Principal - www.urbanwordsgroup.comKate took my photo on Tuesday. She did a fabulous job. I had my new portrait in my email box before I even returned to my office. I encourage you to take her up on this amazing offer! As a PR pro, I am amazed by the number of business owners who don't have a professional, high-resolution digital photo on file for use by media, marketing materials, Web, Facebook, Linked In, blogs, business cards, holiday cards, you name it! If that's you, don't delay! Katlin Smith, APR,

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